2017 Homestead Couples Tournament Schedule

When the links are activated you will be able to
Click on any of the tournaments listed below to download a copy of
the tournament rules and registration form.  Please note the
entry due
listed on each form for each tournament.
                               2017 Play Date Schedule

Date                   First Tee Time                         Tournament

14th                 8:00 a.m.                       4 Person Scramble
- optional lunch afterward

June 11th               9:4
5 a.m.                       4 Person Variable Best Ball
                                                                              Tee Times

July 2
3rd                8:33 a.m.                       2 Person Nassau
                                                                              Tee Times

August 6
th             9:36 a.m.                        2 Person Rydheim Cup
                                                                              Tee Times

September 2
4th    8:45 a.m.                        2 Person Best Ball Club Championship
- lunch (on the club) afterward

October 15th         8:42 a.m.                        4 Person Net & Scramble

                                                                                Tee Times